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Discover our PVC modular reptile enclosure - expandable and customizable to meet your reptile's growing needs. Made with durable, easy-to-clean materials, this modern enclosure is the perfect long-term solution for your pet's comfort and security.

The only limit is the size of your reptile room

  • An enclosure that snaps together first and screws securely once it’s already standing up. This build ensures a secure fit and no need to worry about manually lining up sides.

    • Snaps together in a matter of minutes
    • Sides line up on their own
    • No need for awkward maneuvers to hold pieces while assembling
    • Top lid can be removed while the enclosure stays in tact
    • Screws go in once the enclosure is already put together
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  • Reptiles grow, sometimes fast, sometimes it takes a while. Do you ever wish you could just buy one enclosure and then simply expand it once your reptile grows? Yea, we did too! Now you can! With our expansion kits, you can combine Apex Cages together, to create an even bigger Apex Cage.

    • Connect cages together to make a bigger cage
    • Buy one enclosure and build on it as your reptile grows
    • Modular structure reinforces any size, so you can build big with confidence
    • Only buy the pieces you need
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  • We offer the flexibility to add a viewing window to any side of the enclosure, giving you the opportunity to see your pet up close and personal. However, we always prioritize your reptile's comfort, and we recommend monitoring their behavior to ensure they are comfortable with the added viewing option.

    • Add a viewing window to any side
    • Attach on the inside or outside for different style
    • Acrylic windows won't shatter
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  • Our versatile modular reptile enclosures allow you to add a door to any side of the enclosure, thanks to interchangeable panels. This unique feature provides easy access to the back of large enclosures, making maintenance a breeze.

    • Any panel can be a swinging door
    • Easy access for large enclosures
    • Get creative, have side door access and full front window visibility
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  • Whether your companions are little or huge, closing the door should be simple and convenient. For the comfort and safety of both you and your pet. We have looked through and tested many different latch and lock options, and have found this to be the most seamless and easy to use design.

    • Simple and quick, finger pull down, push door to close
    • Can’t be opened from the inside
    • Lifetime latch warranty - if it stops working, we’ll send you a new one
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  • We designed the cage in a way that makes it really easy for you to remove the top lid while the cage stays intact. This way you can set up your own heating and lighting or change the set up if your pet or you require a change. Need a screen top? We have two versions of screen tops!

    • Solid lid is removable and lies flat, screw fixtures directly into it
    • Change, repair or replace your lights and heat easily
    • Use the exact heat and light you want
    • All tops have places for wires to exit on your preferred side
    • Half screen or full screen available if you'd prefer external fixtures
    See Heat & Light Guide 
  • We added a lip around the perimeter of the swinging doors. Substrate won’t get stuck in your doors and your enclosure will be easier to clean. If you need to raise the height of your substrate level, you can add a clear substrate barrier.

    • Professionally machined door lip
    • Prevent substrate from getting stuck in the doors
    • Standard swinging doors have 3.5" substrate lip
    • Sliding doors have a lip of about 0.75"
    • Increase substrate barrier of any door style with a clear substrate barrier of your desired height
  • These all around vents provide natural air flow in your cage to prevent stagnant air. Depending on your set-up you can add a screen top or vent plugs to mediate heat & humidity retention within the enclosure.

    • Allows for natural ventilation through enclosure
    • Prevents stagnating hot air
    • Plug extra vents to retain more heat & humidity
    • Add a half or full screen top to increase ventilation
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