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Enclosure Divider

Enclosure Divider

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Enclosure Features

Modular: Never replace your enclosure, size up or change set-up, whenever

Easy Assembly: Snaps together first, screws secure second, no lining up sides

Strong Build: Strength in each interlocking side and

Lifetime Latch Warranty: Our signature fumble-free latches, forever

Quality Materials: 1/2” USA PVC is waterproof, mold resistant and extra insulating

Set-Up & Care

🧩 Assembly Instructions & Care

💡 Heat & Light Set-Up

Dimension & Materials

📐 Dimensions:

🧱 Materials:

Shipping & Returns

📦 Ships FREE UPS Ground

🚛 No need for freight shipping

💚 Sorry, unfortunately our enclosures are non-returnable!

✉️ If your reptile is not in love with its new home, please let us know so we can make it right!

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