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Height Extension

Height Extension

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Enclosure Features

Modular: Never replace your enclosure, size up or change set-up, whenever

Easy Assembly: Snaps together first, screws secure second, no lining up sides

Strong Build: Strength in each interlocking side

Lifetime Latch Warranty: Our signature fumble-free latches, forever

Quality Materials: 1/2” USA PVC is waterproof, mold resistant and extra insulating

Set-Up & Care

  • 🧩 A snap to put together - no awkward maneuvers or lining up sides required! See assembly here.
  • 🧼 Clean the PVC enclosure with a reptile-safe sanitizer.
  • 🪟 Clean acrylic with soap & water, no harsh chems here!
  • 💡Attach heat & light fixtures directly to the lid with proper caging or get a screen top for external fixtures.

Dimension & Materials

📐 Dimensions:

🧱 Materials:

Shipping & Returns

📦 Ships FREE UPS Ground in 2-4 Weeks

🚛 No need for freight shipping

💚 Please purchase with care, these homes are non-returnable! If you have questions before purchase, or if your reptile is not in love with their new home, please let us know so we can make it right! ✉️

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The only limit is the size of your reptile room 🐍💚🦎

  • Modular, Expandable, Customizable

    The expandable reptile enclosure system eliminates the need for constantly replacing enclosures as your reptile grows. 🧩 Snap together unique set-up with the interchangeable panels and expansion kits available!

  • Free Shipping

    Enclosures ship for FREE via UPS Ground to 48 US states after they're made with 💚 in the 48th state! 🏜 No worrying about complicated logistics or additional fees - we've got you covered!

  • Views & Access

    Add a viewing window or door to any side of the enclosure.

  • Multiple Front Styles

    Choose the front door style that fits your set-up needs and preference.

  • Top Options

    Set-up fixtures externally with screen top or attach directly to the solid one.

Quick Reference:

Why choose a PVC enclosure?

  • Super insulating, keeps the heat & humidity where you want it for the ideal reptile environment.
  • Material itself is waterproof inside and out so it can withstand exposure to frequent cleaning and moisture.
  • Save money in the long run, high quality PVC enclosures can last an extremely long time with proper care & insulating properties reduce energy usage.
  • Apex Reptile modular enclosure system means no need to replace your enclosure when your reptile grows out of it.
  • Great at absorbing sound and vibration to reduce stress on your reptile from day to day external noises.
  • Opaque matte material can reduce stress caused by reflections in more nervous reptiles.
  • Easy to add enrichment, you can screw into the material to attach any accessories or decorations.

Are these enclosures suitable for bioactive set-ups?

  • PVC enclosures are ideal for bioactive setups thanks to the material's insulating properties which help maintain a stable environment for plants and animals.
  • The material itself is waterproof both inside and out, preventing water damage and making it easier to maintain high humidity levels.
  • Keep in mind, it is still important to seal the enclosure seams with silicone once assembled.

How do I heat & light this enclosure?

  • Solid top: Use radiant heat panels, ceramic fixtures and UVB light bars that screw directly into the lid. If using a ceramic socket, try to get one in a metal bracket like this. (+ make sure to cage heat elements for safety.)
  • Screen top: Place domes and UVB bars directly on screen top or hang over it.
  • Do not use: Heating mats and under tank heaters. This material insulates too well to use these safely!

How do I set-up a reptile enclosure?

Here are the top 10 things you should look into and have prepared before your reptile's moving day:

  1. Appropriate lighting equipment (e.g. UVB bulb, UVB fixture)
  2. Heat source (e.g. ceramic heat emitter, radiant heat panel)
  3. Thermostat to regulate and measure any heating equipment
  4. Thermometer and hygrometer to monitor temperature and humidity levels
  5. Substrate (e.g. coconut fiber, reptile carpet, paper towels)
  6. Decorations (e.g. hiding spots, climbing branches, water bowl)
  7. Silicone sealant to seal the seams of the enclosure
  8. Cleaning supplies (e.g. reptile-safe disinfectant, paper towels)
  9. Accessories (e.g. feeding dishes, misting bottle, tongs)
  10. Decide on a sturdy, flat space large enough for your enclosure to sit on.
  • Expand in Any Direction

    Combine blocks with extension panels to increase space whenever your reptile is ready for it.

  • Use Corner Space

    Create creative set-ups, even use your corner space to tuck in large enclosures.

  • Strong and Sturdy

    Modular build reinforces the structure. So you can build large with strength.